Aug 122019

Psalm 25. The final installment of the series “Regaining Your Confidence…”

 August 12, 2019  John, New Testament, Sermons
Aug 122019

John 15:26-16:15. Part five in the six-part series “Regaining Your Confidence…”

 August 12, 2019  John, New Testament, Sermons
Jun 162017

John 11:1-44.  Jesus answers the perplexity of circumstances with the clarity of a divine plan…

 June 16, 2017  John, New Testament, Sermons
Oct 132013

They say that Christianity is more caught than taught.  Nowhere is this more obvious than in the language of love.  God’s love is defined as His selfless, benelovent, goodness extended.  As His children, we ought also to love others in the same way.  But how is this even possible?

 October 13, 2013  John, New Testament, Sermons
Oct 062013

Of all the communicable attributes of God, one stands head and shoulders above the rest.  It is a many spendored thing.  It is hard to grasp.  It can be wonderful when you receive it and painful when it is missing from your life.  It is called love.  Here we learn what God’s love is and how He demonstrates it in our lives.

 October 6, 2013  John, New Testament, Sermons